Everyone is asking: I have heard COLD is going to Amazon Music. How do I get my favorite investigative- journalism true crime podcast now? Do I have to pay?

The episodes are still available to everyone and are still free. And you can get them on Amazon Music. For free. All you have to do is go to amazon.com/coldpodcast. Be sure to follow us there. Of course, we will still post extras and links to everything you need here on the website, including episode links for countries where Amazon is not operating. Need more help? Check out this video:

  • So how do I listen to Cold?

    Starting March 24th, Cold is available for free on Amazon Music, along with thousands of other really great podcasts. Just go to amazon.com/coldpodcast on your phone or desktop. Say “Alexa, play the Cold podcast” to your echo device. It’s that easy.

  • How does Amazon Music work? Do I have to pay for this?

    Amazon Music is free! You can listen on the mobile app (which you can also download for free), desktop app and web browser. There is a library of millions of podcast episodes, also all free. Just sign in with your regular Amazon account details, that you might already use for your Prime account or for online shopping.

  • Wait. It is asking me to log in. Didn’t you say this is free? 

    Yes, it is free. You will need to create a log in, but it doesn’t cost anything to listen, nor will it sign you up to charge you later. After you log in, make sure to hit the “follow” button on the Cold podcast page on Amazon so you won’t miss an episode.

  • Why did you do this?

    The move to Amazon Music makes more investigations and more episodes of Cold possible (translation= funding). That said, it is important to us that the show remain free and available to all who want to listen. Check and check. 

  • What happened to all the episodes of the Cold podcast from season 1?

    Starting in April of 2021, Amazon Music is the exclusive home of the Cold podcast. That means past episodes of Cold are only available on Amazon Music, but they’re all still free to listen on the Amazon Music app, desktop site or on your Echo device. We are excited about this partnership as it means the Cold podcast team has the resources to continue to conduct deep-dive investigations.

  • How do I access Amazon Music to listen to prior seasons of Cold?

    It’s very easy. Amazon Music is available in the mobile app store, desktop app, on your web browser and via Alexa. If you feel overwhelmed, just go to amazon.com/coldpodcast and we’ll take you to the right place.

  • Why aren’t the episodes available in my Apple podcasts/Spotify/Stitcher/Google podcasts app?

    Beginning in April 2021, Amazon Music is the new home of Cold. That means all of the new episodes and most of the archived episodes from season 1 will move to Amazon as well. All major platforms (including Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio App, and Spotify) will continue to carry a handful of Cold podcast episodes, as well as special, bonus content.

  • How can I listen to Cold if I live in an area that doesn’t have Amazon Music yet?

    If you live in the U.S., the U.K., Japan, Mexico, Germany, Japan, Mexico, or Brazil you have access to Amazon Music (and there are many more coming soon). If you live in a country where Amazon Music is not available yet, don’t worry: you will still be able to listen for free. The Cold podcast website at thecoldpodcast.com will have episode links each week and you’ll be able to listen from there. We will also have bonus materials and pictures for each episode, so you’ll want to check in with us frequently.

Need more help listening internationally? Here’s a video that may do the trick: