Ep 14: Killing Susan’s Sons

Josh Powell killed his sons on February 5, 2012. The horrifying murders of two innocent children compounded the already tragic loss of their mother, Susan Cox Powell.

This episode of the Cold podcast tells the story of the day Josh Powell murdered Susan’s sons. On this page, we honor the memories of Susan, Charlie and Braden by sharing photos of them from happier times. Many of these photos have not previously been shared publicly.

Susan Powell Charlie Braden sledding
Charlie and Braden Powell at Dinosaur National Monument
Bath time for Charlie and Braden Powell
Susan Powell hot chocolate winter

“I don’t want Charlie and Braden to lose a married mother and father. But more importantly I know they should have HAPPY parents.”

Susan Powell
Charlie and Braden Powell
Susan Powell finger paints
Braden Powell toothless smile

“I love my boys, I live for them and I choose not to cheat or do drugs because I wouldn’t want to risk losing them.”

Susan Powell
Charlie Powell chain link fence
Braden Powell rocker
Susan Powell sledding
Susan Powell and Braden Powell chain link fence

“I try so hard to at least about 10 times a day tell my children ‘I love you, you are my favorite!’”

Susan Powell
Play time Charlie Powell and Braden Powell
Susan Powell sons scarves
Charlie Powell
Charlie Powell Susan Powell Dinosaur National Monument
Charlie Powell Dinosaur National Monument

“I cherish my boys but realize they’ll grow up and move on.”

Susan Powell
Charlie Powell Braden Powell couch
Susan Powell sons smores
Braden Powell Simpson Springs
Charlie Powell Simpson Springs

“I love you Charlie and Braden and I’m sorry you’ve seen how wrong/messed up our marriage is. I would never leave you!”

Susan Powell
Susan Powell sons Malad River Gorge

A community finds comfort following the loss of Charlie and Braden Powell in Episode 14 of Cold: Killing Susan’s Sons

Episode credits
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Additional voices: Kristen Sorensen (as Susan Powell), Eric Openshaw (as Josh Powell), Ken Fall (as Steve Powell)
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