Season 2: Justice for Joyce Yost

  • Who is Who

    Cold includes a large cast of real people. This is the place to go if you could use help keeping them straight. This list will be updated as new episodes drop.

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  • Corpus Delicti

    A murder case tried without a body. Could it have happened for Susan Powell? Joyce Yost holds the answer.

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  • Ep 1: The Type that Sends Roses

    A single mother from the midwest heads to Utah searching for a new start. Meet Joyce Yost and discover how yellow roses relate to her disappearance.

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  • Ep 2: A Case of Rape

    The nightmare begins with a confrontation in the carport. Joyce Yost survives her first encounter with the man who’d followed her home.

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  • Ep 3: Nightmare on Top of a Nightmare

    Joyce Yost prepares to testify against the man who raped her. Doug Lovell hatches a murder-for-hire plot in hopes of keeping Joyce quiet.

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