Season 2: Justice for Joyce Yost

  • Talking Cold

    Talking Cold is frank conversations about issues brought up in Cold, with hosts Amy Donaldson, Ann Dent and Sheryl Worsley.

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  • Who is Who

    Cold includes a large cast of real people. This is the place to go if you could use help keeping them straight. This list will be updated as new episodes drop.

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  • Corpus Delicti

    A murder case tried without a body. Could it have happened for Susan Powell? Joyce Yost holds the answer.

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  • Ep 1: The Type that Sends Roses

    A single mother from the midwest heads to Utah searching for a new start. Meet Joyce Yost and discover how yellow roses relate to her disappearance.

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  • Ep 2: A Case of Rape

    The nightmare begins with a confrontation in the carport. Joyce Yost survives her first encounter with the man who’d followed her home.

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  • Ep 3: Nightmare on Top of a Nightmare

    Joyce Yost prepares to testify against the man who raped her. Doug Lovell hatches a murder-for-hire plot in hopes of keeping Joyce quiet.

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  • Ep 4: She’s Gone, Buddy

    Joyce Yost has disappeared days before Doug Lovell’s rape trial. In her absence, an unexpected ally takes Joyce’s words to the witness stand.

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  • Ep 5: Garden Variety

    An autumn drive through the mountains. A curious poaching case. Could they hold clues as to the location of Joyce Yost?

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  • Ep 6: Here We Are

    A long shot lead turns into an unexpected break more than five years following Joyce Yost’s disappearance.

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  • Ep 7: Shameless

    Joyce Yost’s family places a headstone. Doug Lovell tells his ex-wife Joyce’s body is actually buried beneath leaves and snow.

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  • Ep 8: Help Me, Rhonda

    Doug Lovell at last faces a murder charge for the death of Joyce Yost. He pleads for help from his unsympathetic ex-wife.

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  • Ep 9: High Fidelity

    Doug Lovell cuts a deal and promises to take police to the body of Joyce Yost. Failure to deliver will mean the end of his life.

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  • Ep 10: Buyer’s Remorse

    A campaign of appeals to withdraw a guilty plea. Lawyers call it a case of buyer’s remorse for Doug Lovell.

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  • Ep 11: Rising Star

    A human skull discovered on a hillside days before Doug Lovell stands trial for murder. Could it belong to Joyce Yost?

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  • Ep 12: Dancing with the Devil

    Joyce Yost’s children relive the trauma of their mother’s murder, 30 years later. Will a single juror believe Doug Lovell is a changed man?

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  • Ep 13: Last Chance

    A little gray mouse visits Doug Lovell during his darkest hour. Supporters rally around him. But do they know Joyce Yost’s story?

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  • Bonus 1: Satanic Panic

    The satanic panic scare of the ’80s and ’90s nearly derailed the Joyce Yost case. Dive deep on how the panic played out in Utah with an expert on ritual abuse investigations.

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  • Bonus 2: Location, Location, Location

    A concrete pit, a cabin, and a poaching stop: three possible locations for the remains of Joyce Yost. Cold explores newly uncovered evidence.

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