Season 3: The Search for Sheree Warren

  • Who is Who

    Cold includes a large cast of real people. This is the place to go if you could use help keeping them straight. This list will be updated as new episodes drop.

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  • Ep 1: Everything Escalates

    An obscene caller sets up a “date” with an unwilling woman. Hear how she turns the tables on the man who threatens her husband and children.

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  • Ep 2: Go Ask Alice

    Sheree Warren seeks to escape and unhappy marriage. Her estranged husband makes a threat shortly before Sheree disappears.

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  • Ep 3: Cherish the Love

    Cary Hartmann uses access and influence to steer the search for Sheree Warren. But police are growing suspicious of Cary.

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  • Ep 4: The Supper Club

    A social group with a sinister side. Could a discovery about Cary Hartmann’s supper club have led to Sheree Warren’s disappearance?

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  • Ep 5: Nighthawk

    Sheree Warren’s boyfriend Cary Hartmann heads to trial in the Ogden City Rapist case. Old friends wonder what clues he might be hiding.

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  • Ep 6: Lying Liars

    Cary Hartmann hopes DNA will prove his innocence. But an informant tells police Cary might’ve buried Sheree Warren’s body next to a highway.

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  • Ep 7: Purgatory

    A witness places Cary Hartmann on a mountain behind Causey Reservoir just days after Sheree Warren’s disappearance.

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  • Ep 8: Fool Me Once

    A detective secures a Cary Hartmann interview. Cary’s answers don’t align with the evidence in the cold case disappearance of Sheree Warren.

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  • Ep 9: A Picture in the Lobby

    A new detective takes up the search for Sheree Warren. He conducts a new Charles Warren interview. But Sheree’s ex can’t clear himself.

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  • Ep 10: Last Man Standing

    Time runs short in the search for truth about the fate of Sheree Warren. One of two suspects dies, while the other invokes silence.

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  • Bonus: The Convenient Alternative

    Nancy Baird vanished on July 4, 1975. Investigators have long suspected Ted Bundy killed Baird. But the case files tell a different story.

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  • Bonus: The Causey Search

    A mound of rocks resembling a clandestine grave sends detectives into the hills near Causey Reservoir. COLD is there for the excavation.

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