Cold includes a large cast of real people. This is the place to go if you could use help keeping them straight. This list will be updated as new episodes drop.

Joyce Lynn Yost

  • Kim Salazar Joyce Yost’s daughter
  • Greg Roberts Joyce Yost’s son
  • Randy Salazar Joyce Yost’s former son-in-law (was married to Kim Salazar)
  • George Figel Joyce Yost’s father
  • Hulda Figel Joyce Yost’s mother
  • Dorothy “Dot” Dial Joyce’s sibling
  • Edna Spahr Joyce’s sibling
  • Mel Roberts Joyce Yost’s first husband
  • George Yost Joyce Yost’s second husband
  • Floren “Nails” Nelson Joyce Yost’s longtime boyfriend
  • Gordon and Terry Kaufman Joyce Yost’s friends
  • Steve Kaufman Gordon and Terry’s son, band played on the last night Joyce seen alive

Douglas Anderson Lovell

  • Rhonda Buttars Doug Lovell’s girlfriend/wife
  • Richard Ryan Scullin Rhonda Buttars’ former husband
  • Monan Lovell Doug Lovell’s father
  • Shirley Lovell Doug Lovell’s mother
  • Dorothy Lovell Doug Lovell’s step-mother (Monan Lovell’s second wife)
  • Russell Lovell Doug Lovell’s sibling
  • Royce Lovell Doug Lovell’s sibling, died by overdose
  • William “Billy Jack” Wiswell Doug’s prison friend and would-be hitman
  • Tom Peters Doug’s prison friend and second would-be hitman

Police and the courts

  • Bill Holthaus Clearfield police detective, lead investigator on rape case
  • Rob Carpenter South Ogden police patrol officer, took Joyce Yost’s initial report
  • Mel Hackworth South Ogden police patrol officer, helped Joyce Yost find Lovell’s house
  • Brian Namba Deputy Davis County Attorney, prosecutor on the rape case
  • John Hutchison Defense attorney on the rape case
  • Judge Rodney Page Utah 2nd District Court judge, oversaw the rape case
  • Ron Greenleaf Salt Lake City police detective, arrested Doug in car theft case
  • TJ Harper Washington Terrace police officer, arrested Doug for DUI
  • Steve Hallowell Riverdale police officer, found loaded handgun in Doug’s truck
  • John Caine Doug Lovell’s defense attorney in 1978 U-Save Market robbery


  • Susan Yerage Loan officer who financed Doug Lovell’s car
  • Kellie Sherrod Clerk at the U-Save Market who identified Doug
  • Sherrill Chestnut Doug Lovell’s accomplice in U-Save Market robbery
  • Ray Dodge Doug Lovell’s accomplice in 1978 U-Save Market robbery
  • Jan Schiller YWCA rape victim advocate
  • Cody and Karen Montgomery Owners of rifles and shotguns stolen by Doug and Billy Jack