Ep 2: Go Ask Alice

Sheree Warren (née Sorensen) was the second of four children in her family. She was preceded by an older brother and followed by a pair of younger sisters. Her parents, Edwin and Mary Sorensen, raised their children in the community of Roy, a suburb of the city of Ogden, Utah.

Ed Sorensen spent 20 years serving in the U.S. Air Force before becoming a civilian contractor at nearby Hill Air Force Base. Mary Sorensen also worked in a family-owned drapery business. As a young woman, Sheree inherited a strong work ethic from her parents.

Edwin Mary Sheree Sorensen family portrait
Sheree Sorensen (far right) poses with her parents, Edwin and Mary Sorensen, and siblings in this undated family portrait. Photo: Sheree Warren family

Sheree performed well as a student. She routinely appeared on the honor rolls at Roy Junior High and Roy High School. She was sharp with numbers and gregarious. Her high school yearbooks suggested she did not take part in many extra-curricular activities.

Sheree Sorensen yearbook photo Roy High School
Sheree Sorensen’s sophomore yearbook photo from Roy High School.

Sheree graduated from Roy High School in 1978. A few years later, she married a man named Charles Warren.

Sheree Warren’s husband, Charles Warren

Charles “Chuck” Warren was 11 years older than Sheree. He grew up in Ogden, Utah. Chuck had taken a job working for the Southern Pacific railroad during the 1970s, while Sheree was still in school.

Chuck and Sheree married on February 27, 1981. Sheree then moved into her new husband’s home, an orange brick house on Ogden’s Hudson Street nestled against the foot of the Wasatch Mountains.

Charles Warren wedding announcement Sheree Sorensen marriage
Sheree Sorensen and Charles “Chuck” Warren’s wedding reception invitation. The couple were married on February 27, 1981. Photo: Sheree Warren family

The transition to married life proved difficult for Sheree. She was strong-willed and independent, which sometimes led to conflict with her new husband. Chuck had been married once before. He had a son from his first marriage, meaning Sheree at times found herself in the middle of family matters from Chuck’s former life.

Sheree’s discontent grew. She separated from Chuck roughly six months into their marriage, telling at least one friend at that time she was considering divorce. However, while separated from Chuck, Sheree learned she was pregnant.

Chuck and Sheree Warren reconciled. In May of 1982, they welcomed a child, a son whom they named Adam.

Sheree Warren child children son
Sheree Warren holds two young children in this undated photo. The children’s faces have been obscured by COLD to protect their privacy. Photo: Sheree Warren family

The introduction of a child into the strained marriage did not improve matters. Finances remained a point of contention. Chuck was a self-described car nut, who bought and sold vehicles as a hobby. This side hustle soaked up a significant portion of Chuck’s income which frustrated Sheree, who worked in order to provide for their son.

Sheree held a job as a loan officer at a Federal Employees Credit Union branch in Ogden. That’s where she met and befriended a fellow loan officer named Pam.

Sheree and Pam

“We had a lot in common,” Pam Volk said during an interview for COLD. “I guess we were just kind of kindred spirits.”

Sheree and Pam were similar in age. They began to spend time together outside of work, either shopping or going to movies on evenings when Sheree was able to leave her son home with Chuck. Pam said Sheree confided her marriage wasn’t good.

“I don’t remember specifics, I just know that she wasn’t very happy,” Pam said.

While working together at the credit union, Pam and Sheree met a man who came to service the building’s heating and air condition system. His name was Cary Hartmann.

“He would just kind of stop me and say ‘hi,’” Pam said. “We became friends.”

Hartmann had recently left a role as a reserve officer for the Ogden Police Department, a fact he boasted about. Pam said she’d found Cary to be personable and talkative. Cary pursued a romantic relationship with Pam, but it fizzled after just a few months.

“I don’t remember why we quit seeing each other,” Pam said. “It just really wasn’t right.”

Sheree, meantime, made a major change in her life. At the start of 1985, Sheree quit her job at Federal Employees Credit Union and accepted a new position at Utah State Employees Credit Union. She celebrated the new opportunity by going on a two-week-long vacation with Pam in Hawaii. As they spent time lounging on the beach, Sheree talked about her hopes for the future.

Credit union drive through Ogden Utah Sheree Warren
Sheree Warren worked at this credit union branch near 42nd Street and Harrison Boulevard in Ogden, Utah during 1985. At the time, the building belonged to Utah Employees State Credit Union, known today as Mountain America Credit Union. Photo: Dave Cawley, KSL Podcasts

“She was going to a manager training program,” Pam said.

The new job held a promise of upward mobility and self-sufficiency for Sheree. She intended to support herself because she was preparing to divorce her husband, Chuck Warren.

A summer fling with Cary Hartmann

Court records show Sheree filed for divorce from Charles Warren on May 16, 1985. Chuck would later say he and Sheree each began dating other people while the divorce proceedings were ongoing. They reportedly reached an agreement not to discuss who they were each seeing during the summer of 1985.

Sheree moved around a bit during those months, renting a couple of different apartments. She performed well at her new job and, according to friends and family, spent the majority of her free time caring for her son. Her friend and former co-worker Pam Volk recalled seeing less of Sheree during that time, due to Sheree’s busy schedule.

“I’d go up and we’d hang out at her apartment and talk,” Pam said.

Pam learned Sheree had started seeing Cary Hartmann, the HVAC technician Pam had previously dated. But Pam said Sheree’s relationship with Hartmann hadn’t progressed very far.

“It wasn’t a serious thing,” Pam said. “It was more just of a fling, I guess.”

Cary Hartmann walks down a hallway in Utah’s 2nd District Court in Ogden, Utah on September 16, 1987. Photo: KSL 5 TV

Sheree struggled to make ends meet living on her own. She was forced to move back in with her parents at their home in Roy by the end of the summer.

Sheree shared custody of her son with Chuck while the divorce proceedings were underway. Chuck worked the graveyard shift at the rail yard, while Sheree worked banker’s hours at the credit union. They would often exchange custody of their son each morning and afternoon.

“She loved him so much,” Pam said. “It was really hard for her to leave her little boy.”

Richard Moss, the last person to see Sheree Warren

In September of 1985, the Utah State Employees Credit Union offered Sheree a promotion. It tasked her with training branch managers on how to use the credit union’s computer system.

The new position came with increased pay but also required Sheree to commute from her parents’ house in Roy to the credit union’s headquarters office in Salt Lake City, roughly 30 miles away.

Sheree Warren office last seen Salt Lake City
Sheree Warren was last seen walking to her car in the parking structure behind this office building near 700 South 200 East in Salt Lake City, Utah on Oct. 2, 1985. At the time, the building served as headquarters for the Utah State Employees Credit Union. Photo: Dave Cawley, KSL Podcasts

Sheree’s first trainee was a man named Richard Moss, who had just hired on with the credit union to run a new branch in the rural community of Richfield, Utah. Richard and Sheree met on Tuesday, October 2, 1985.

“She did know her stuff,” Richard Moss said during an interview for COLD. “[Sheree] was going to spend two or three weeks there in Salt Lake training me and then she would come down to Richfield so we could open the branch.”

During their second day together, Richard and Sheree went to lunch at a restaurant called The Training Table. Over burgers, Sheree opened up to Richard about her personal life.

“She told me that she was divorced or separated but she was seeing another guy,” Richard said.

Sheree reportedly told Richard she and the other guy, Cary Hartmann, spent time together on the weekends. They’d recently gone on a picnic outing to one of Cary’s favorite spots, a mountain reservoir called Lost Creek.

Lost Creek Reservoir lake aerial Chopper 5
Lost Creek Reservoir, seen from KSL’s Chopper 5 on May 27, 2022, was a location Cary Hartmann frequented during the 1970s and ’80s. Photo: Dave Cawley, KSL Podcasts

Sheree also reportedly told Richard about an encounter that’d happened a few weeks prior, when her estranged husband Chuck Warren had come into the credit union branch in Ogden while she was working there. Chuck and Sheree’s divorce had stalled after Sheree’s attorney made a push for greater child support payments from Chuck. This had made Chuck upset.

“She told me her ex-husband came into the Ogden office at one time and threatened to kill her,” Richard said.

The threat seemed to carry weight. Chuck Warren had a nickname at the rail yard where he worked: “Tire Iron Chuck.” It rose from an attack Chuck had allegedly carried out against his first wife, Alice, when she’d divorced him years earlier. Alice later told investigators Chuck had called her and said his car had broken down. When she’d arrived to assist him, Chuck had struck Alice in the head with a tire iron.

Richard Moss Sheree Warren last seen witness
Richard Moss holds a photograph of Sheree Warren during an interview for COLD on October 20, 2021. Moss is the last person known to have seen Sheree Warren. Photo: Dave Cawley, KSL Podcasts

Sheree Warren told Richard Moss she’d made plans to meet Chuck Warren after work at Wagstaff’s House of Toyota, a car dealership a few blocks west of the credit union office. Chuck intended to drop his Toyota Supra off for servicing there and had asked Sheree to give him a ride home to Ogden.

“Work closed at 5:45 and you balanced and cleared up and then left by 6,” Richard said.

Richard and Sheree encountered a problem though on the afternoon of October 2, 1985. The numbers weren’t adding up, so Sheree spent some time in the credit union’s collections office sorting out the issue. Richard recalled that delay meant he and Sheree late leaving the building.

“It was about 6:25 that we finally balanced and left,” Richard said. “As we were going downstairs, Sheree said she was going to pick up her ex-husband at Wagstaff Toyota.”

This 1985 aerial photo captured by the Idaho Air National Guard shows a portion of downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Sheree Warren was last seen in the parking garage behind the Utah State Employees Credit Union building. She had told a coworker she was headed to Wagstaff’s House of Toyota, just a couple of blocks away. Photo: Utah Geological Survey, with annotations by COLD

They reached the parking terrace behind the credit union office. Richard said Sheree headed toward the west, where her car was parked. Richard turned right and walked north toward his own car.

That was the last time anyone is known to have seen Sheree Warren.

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