Cold includes a large cast of real people. This is the place to go if you could use help keeping them straight. This list will be updated as new episodes drop.

Sheree Sorensen Warren

  • Edwin Sorensen Sheree Warren’s father
  • Mary Sorensen Sheree Warren’s mother
  • Charles “Chuck” Warren Sheree Warren’s estranged husband
  • Adam Warren Charles and Sheree Warren’s son
  • Pam Volk Sheree Warren’s friend and coworker

Cary Hartmann

  • Bill Hartmann Cary Hartmann’s father, plumber
  • Donna Hartmann Cary Hartmann’s mother
  • “Claire” Pseudonym for Cary Hartmann’s first ex-wife
  • Allen Fred John, aka Fred Johns Elk hunting guide, Cary Hartmann’s friend and roommate
  • “Becky” Cary Hartmann’s second ex-wife
  • Dave Moore Cary Hartmann’s friend and alibi, sewing machine repair shop owner
  • “Jan” Cary Hartmann’s girlfriend prior to Sheree Warren
  • C. Brent Morgan Cary Hartmann’s friend, taxidermist
  • Michael Neumeyer Former cop-turned-private investigator hired by Cary Hartmann
  • Jaimie Schmalz Acquaintance of Cary’s who received lingerie survey call
  • Shauna Hall Woman Cary dated and proposed to after Sheree Warren disappeared
  • Roger Hall Shauna Hall’s husband, sued Cary for luring Shauna into infidelity
  • Melvin Feller Shauna Hall’s brother-in-law
  • Teresa Woman who received lingerie survey call and met Cary for a date

Police and the courts

  • Halvor Bailey Weber County deputy who helped arrest Cary Hartmann in 1971
  • Jack Bell Roy police detective, initial investigator on Sheree Warren’s disappearance
  • Chris Zimmerman Ogden police detective, arrested Cary Hartmann in rape investigation
  • Don Moore Ogden police sergeant, uncle to Cary Hartmann’s friend Dave Moore
  • O.J. Peck Salt Lake City police captain, led 1986 missing and murdered task force
  • Sheli Mann Weber County dispatcher, received anonymous call about Causey body
  • Reed Richards Weber County Attorney who prosecuted Ogden City Rapist cases
  • John Stubbs Ogden police detective, questioned Cary
  • Marlin Balls Ogden police captain
  • Rod Layton Weber County deputy who led the search for the Causey body caller


  • Heidi Posnien Woman Cary Hartmann tried to lure to campground in 1971
  • John Posnien Heidi Posnien’s husband
  • Richard Moss Credit union manager trainee, last person known to have seen Sheree Warren
  • “Alice” Charles Warren’s ex-wife and alibi
  • Larry Lewis KSL 5 TV reporter, “acquaintance” of Cary Hartmann
  • “Danielle” Pseudonym for Ogden City Rapist victim, identified Cary at The Galleon
  • “Caroline” Pseudonym for Ogden City Rapist victim
  • Christine Gallegos Teenage girl shot to death with .38 in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Carla Maxwell 7-Eleven clerk shot to death with .38 in Layton, Utah
  • Lisa Strong Young woman shot to death with .38 in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Phillip Kerby Wagstaff Toyota employee murdered and buried at pig farm
  • Jon Monson Wagstaff Toyota employee, killed Phillip Kerby
  • Kaye Lynn Terry Lived above Cary in 1985, overheard argument between Cary and Sheree
  • Mary Courney Lived above Cary in 1985, overheard argument between Cary and Sheree
  • Rudolph Bertagnole Hunter who disappeared in 1943, found in 1986 behind Causey