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Talking Cold

Talking Cold is honest and frank conversations about issues brought forward in the Cold podcast. Join hosts Amy Donaldson, Ann Dent and Sheryl Worsley as they follow the episodes in Season 2: Justice For Joyce. They’ll talk about weighty topics like sexual assault, the death penalty and failures of the criminal justice system. The goal is more conversation and more understanding. They’ll also point out and discuss big moments for them in the episode.

Spoiler alert! You will want to listen to the main story on Amazon Music before listening to our conversation because we will talk about what happens on the show. 

Talking Cold: Discussion of Episode 1

This week’s guest is Cold podcast host/researcher/creator Dave Cawley, who explains why he chose to tell Joyce Yost’s story for Cold’s second season.

Talking Cold: Discussion of Episode 2

Joyce Yost was followed home, threatened and raped by someone she didn’t know, the rarest type of sexual assault. Despite being terrified, Joyce reluctantly reported to police. Hosts Amy Donaldson and Sheryl Worsley speak with Sonya Martinez-Ortiz, Executive Director of the Rape Recovery Center about how trauma manifests differently for different people, victim blaming and how society can do better.

Talking Cold: Discussion of Episodes 3 & 4

Joyce Yost went to police. She pressed charges, but it wasn’t an easy process. The criminal justice system aspires to ensure justice is served while protecting the rights of the accused. But for victims, it sometimes feels as though they are not being believed. It repeats the horror of the crime over and over. Hosts Amy Donaldson and Ann Dent are joined by Kim Cordova, a former prosecutor and defense attorney for a look at the system from both sides.

Talking Cold: Discussion of Episode 5

Elizabeth Smart captured the attention of the nation when she was kidnapped at knife-point from her Salt Lake City home in June of 2002. She was 14 years old. Investigators found her nine months later and arrested her kidnappers, Brian David Mitchell and his wife Wanda Barzee. Mitchell repeatedly raped Elizabeth while she was captive. In the years since, Elizabeth has become an advocate for survivors and has established a foundation to help through education, prevention and recovery, Hosts Amy Donaldson and Sheryl Worsley ask Elizabeth about the hardest parts in her healing, her struggles with the justice system and her advice to other survivors.

Elizabeth Smart Talking Cold
Elizabeth Smart speaks about her experience as a survivor of rape and kidnapping in Episode 5 of Talking Cold.

Talking Cold: Discussion of Episode 6

An immunity deal becomes a major development in the disappearance of Joyce Yost. Hosts Amy Donaldson and Sheryl Worsley talk with Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings about when it is and when it isn’t a good idea for a prosecutor to promise immunity. Doug Lovell got out of prison early thanks to the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole. The ladies also speak with former Utah Board of Pardons and Parole chair Mike Sibbits about the decision to let inmates out early.

Amy Donaldson, Troy Rawlings and Sheryl Worsley following their discussion on immunity deals in episode 6 of Talking Cold.

Talking Cold: Discussion of Episode 7

A prison snitch can sometimes provide vital leads about a case, but is it always reliable information? Amy Donaldson and Ann Dent talk with former Salt Lake Police chief Chris Burbank about the pros and cons of information coming from a suspected criminal. Chris currently serves on a national level as the Vice President of law enforcement strategy for the Center for Policing Equity.